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Germany – Cable in the air
Fibre-optic grid via aerial cables

SAG was commissioned by the Sasbachwalden District to connect the end consumers in the outer areas of Sasbachwalden to the fibre-optic grid.

Deutschland – Biogas Register
Three years of the German Biogas Register

For more than three years now, SAG CeGIT has been working closely with the German Energy Agency (dena) to develop the German Biogas Register.

Germany – MSCDN plant as a turnkey project
More reactive power for the energy revolution

In Goldshöfe, SAG is installing a 250 Mvar compensation system within the existing switchgear as a turnkey project.

Deutschland – Public lighting Düsseldorf
Framework contract until 2016

Stadtwerke Düsseldorf trust of many crafts for public lighting on the skills of the SAG.

Germany – Nordbahntrasse Wuppertal
Light and Shadow

The needs of human beings and bats were a top priority of the SAG lighting project for the Nordbahntrasse in Wuppertal, Germany.

Germany – Between Isar and Ottenhofen
68-ton mast on a truck crane

A unique contract awaited the cable engineers in Ergolding: three masts were each to be raised by three meters.

Germany – Osthafenbrücke Frankfurt
Visual Highlight

The SAG branch in Langen was responsible for ensuring the Osthafenbrücke Frankfurt was cast in its best light.

Germany – Substation assembling Baden-Wuerttemberg
Improving safe supply

It is a complex and demanding task to restructure existing power networks from 220 kV to 380 kV. SAG happily faced the challenge.

Deutschland – West Germany
Flying high on overhead line masts

Thanks to SAG, birds can come into land on many power masts in West Germany and take off again without coming to harm.

Germany – Smart-Grid-System
Intelligently controlled

The medical specialist centre is using only 10% of its needed energy from the grid. SAG took care of the remaining need by installing smart grids

Germany – Remote control of substations
24/7 Service

Thanks to modern online technology, SAG is able to handle operational management of substations that is hundreds of kilometres away.

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